ROC 197780 - Bonded - Insured
Work done by Vets & Senior Citizens


Our professional chemist, who has many years of experience in this field, makes our epoxy and acrylic products.

The epoxy resin used is of the highest quality, hard and long lasting. The acrylic urethane is of a gloss finish and gives an elegant appearance when finished.

The application takes 2 days. On the first day the concrete must be cleaned. We ask that you remove all items from the area where work is being done. We use a lot of water and it may cause damage to some items and our coaters will not be able to move heavy items. To clean your concrete we use certain chemicals and a high-powered cleaning machine. Once the concrete has been cleaned and dried the epoxy sealer is applied. While applying the epoxy fine quartz aggregate is sprinkled on the surface to give it a slip resistant finish.

On the second day, the acrylic urethane is mixed to the color that the customer desires and then applied. No standard colors to be limited to. You pick your own color and we will custom mix the color of choice. Once the acrylic has dried (which depending on the temperature of the day is between 20 minutes and a half hour) a design is applied in a contrasting color that the customer has selected. The design color is usually a color that coincides with the color of the trim on the customer's house, which is also custom, mixed on the job site.

Below is an example of our work:

Step 1:  After cleaning concrete, apply White Epoxy

Step 2:  Second Day, Color Applied

Step 2 (continued):  Second Day, Color Applied
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